Fallacies of Knowledge Management: Summary

This post summarizes my series on fallacies of knowledge management.
  1. Well begun is half done, so let's begin by collecting content
  2. Repositories ensure that knowledge lasts longer than employees
  3. Good organization is key
  4. Access Control is Key
  5. Make it easy to import and attach documents
  6. Put usable tools in place, adoption will follow
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Nick Milton said...

I am not sure I completely agree with your number one.

In the 90s, when Schlumberger were testing the idea of KM, they started with Communities and community shared spaces. The invited senior managers to use the functionality, and challenged them to find people and information that had perviously been hidden. The managers were struck by how simple this was, and gave enthusiastic support to KM. The success of the Schlumberger program is now a well known case study.

Sometimes you have to prime the pump!

(I agree rather more with one or two of your other fallacies by the way)

Saager Mhatre said...

In addition to @Nick's observation on #1 above, it seems to contradict #6; while #1 seems to promote "read and throw" over "bookmark and tag", #6 wants to turn users away from read and throw.

Sriram said...

That's interesting. I think most knowledge centric organizations today suffer from a surfeit of information (of uneven quality) rather than scarcity. Hence my post. Secondly, I wouldn't attribute the success of a big program to any one activity. Of course, you might have much more context than what you have shared here.

#1 is about not focusing on the collecting of information. I didn't say organizations should not collect at all.

Anonymous said...

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